Retail Reshaped

In the world of Federal IT, the game is always changing. You need a
partner who’s on top of the industry. From partnerships with leading
technology vendors to our own team of experts.


Blending Technology
With Tradition.

The retail landscape is ever-evolving, with technology
reshaping the way consumers shop and interact with
brands. Silicon Network is at the forefront of this
transformation, blending the traditional charm of retail
with cutting-edge technological innovations. Our
solutions ensure that retailers can offer immersive,
personalized shopping experiences, whether it's
through a physical storefront or a digital platform. Step
into the future of shopping with us.

Is Your Retail Business Prepared
For The Future Of Digital


Cloud Services

To harness richer insights, retailers are increasingly
investing in cloud technology. Surprisingly, in 2020,
only 51% of retail executives felt adequately prepared
for evolving scenarios, despite 47% reporting advanced
cloud adoption within their organizations. That's where
our seasoned retail IT professionals come in, guiding
you every step of the way on your cloud journey. With
Connection's Retail Cloud Solutions, we provide expert
support in planning, implementing, and managing
your cloud projects, enabling you to leverage big data
analytics for business enhancement.


Interactive Display Solutions

Digital signage has the ability to increase consumer
satisfaction by an astonishing 46 percent and average
purchase quantities by 29.5 percent. We provide a wide
variety of hardware suitable for different contexts to
enable you to take advantage of these benefits. With
our solution, you have the freedom to modify your
material using a simple content management system
(CMS). Additionally, because our digital signage media
players are designed to operate continuously, you can
easily control and access your displays and content
from anywhere. We are committed to raising in-store
interaction, whether you prefer to create your own
content or rely on our specialists to design and deliver
your messaging.


Mobile Solutions

Mobility has changed from being a luxury to being a
requirement in today's dynamic retail environment.
But many retail IT teams struggle to keep up with the
growing number of linked devices on their networks.
Our complete accessories and device management
services provide the necessary tools and resources for a
productive mobile strategy. In order to satisfy your
objectives, our committed specialists will help you
choose the best devices and accessories while giving
endpoint security and compliance top priority.


Custom Services

Silicon Network is a leader in creating technological
solutions specifically for the retail industry. Our wide
range of services, such as managed infrastructure
services, distribution and configuration services, and
lifecycle services, are painstakingly designed to assist
merchants in maximising the potential of technology
in accordance with their particular organisational
needs. Additionally, we are pleased to provide our all-
inclusive "Location in a Box" solution, a one-stop shop
for all of your equipment requirements.

Empowering Tech Industry On Every Step

Omnichannel Strategies

Seamlessly integrating in-store,
online, and mobile experiences to
cater to the modern shopper.

Customer Insights & Analytics

Harnessing data to understand
customer preferences, behaviors, and
trends, driving personalized shopping

Inventory & Supply Chain Management

Optimizing stock levels and ensuring
timely product availability, reducing
overheads and maximizing sales.

Advantages Of Partnering With Us


Personalized Customer Experiences

Our Technology Enables Retail Clients To Provide Personalized Shopping Experiences, Driving Customer Engagement And Loyalty.


Inventory Optimization

We Help Retailers Optimize Their Inventory Management Through Data-Driven Insights, Reducing Carrying Costs While Ensuring Product Availability.


Omnichannel Integration

Clients Benefit From Seamless Omnichannel Integration, Enhancing Their Ability To Reach Customers Across Various Online And Offline Touchpoints.


Supply Chain Efficiency

We Streamline Supply Chain Operations, Improving Product Delivery Times And Reducing Logistics Costs.


Data-Driven Retail Insights

Our Solutions Empower Retailers With Data Analytics Tools, Providing Valuable Insights To Make Informed Decisions And Adapt To Market Trends. Our Experts Use Power BI For Dynamic Dashboard Creation For Our Clients.


Loss Prevention

We Implement Security Measures To Reduce Theft And Shrinkage, Safeguarding The Client's Merchandise And Bottom Line.

Use Cases

  • Precision Farming
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Asset Tracking
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Our Hardware Solutions

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X343_SSKBE1T8A10 - NetApp
1.8TB 10000RPM SAS 12Gb/s 2.5-
Inch Internal Hard Drive
for DS224C

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00D5304 - IBM 300GB 10000RPM
SAS 6Gb/s 2.5-Inch Hard Drive

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58-0125-01 - Cisco 600GB
10000RPM SAS 6Gb/s 64MB Cache Hot Swappable 2.5-Inch Hard Drive

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58-0137-01 - Cisco 3TB
7200RPM SAS 6Gb/s 64MB Cache Hot Pluggable 3.5-Inch Hard Drive X343_SSKBE1T8A10 -

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